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Client Profile - Bennett House Adult Day Care Center

Client Profile - Bennett House Adult Day Care Center

Every Client Is Unique

One of the fun challenges in the marketing game is adapting your strategies and techniques to each business you have the opportunity to work with.  So when we were approached by the owner of Bennett House Adult Day Care Center, Rick Bennett, we had to take a big step back to see how we could help move his business forward through strategic marketing. 

As we sat and talked with Rick about his business it became very clear that there was an incredible story that was not being told on his website, social media or marketing materials.  As it turned out, Rick, had the been the primary caregiver for his mother as she fought the losing battle to dementia and Alzheimer's.

Now years later Rick had opened the Bennett House Adult Day Care Center to help provide an alternative assisted living option for caregivers in North Idaho.  I knew right away that this was the story that needed to be shared. 

In addition we realized there were a few education issues that Rick was fighting.  The concept of Adult Day Care is so new that no one really knows what it is or that it is even available for them.  We knew that we had to launch a broader education campaign to raise the awareness of his niche service based business.

At the time we started working together Rick had hired a consultant to build him a website.  He was not happy with the design of the website and felt frustrated expressing his issues with the site to his current developer.  This is not uncommon with small business owners.  His developer had built his site on the Wordpress platform which Rick had no idea how to edit.  Rick is not a designer so finding the right words to dictate changes was a challenge. 

Rick did have some good things going for him.  He had correctly set up his Facebook, Google Plus and his Google Business Account.  He was getting positive reviews and engaging with his followers with his "Friday Funnies" posts. 

Establishing The Game Plan

Based on our marketing audit and Rick's goals we made a game plan which we implemented in phases in order to work within his budget.

Months 1-4

1. Update Wordpress website
2. Create video content to tell the story
3. Take high quality images to update online platforms
4. Run facebook ad campaigns
5. Design new promotional flyers
6. Create SEO Blog Content

Months 4-8

1. Migrate Domain & Build a New Website on Squarespace
2. Film TV Commercials
3. Run Cable TV Campaign
4. Implement Email Marketing

The Results

Based on these marketing strategies we have been able to provide Rick with record breaking revenue in months 7 & 8.  

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