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Missoula Video Proposal


Based on the information provided by, Ruth Hackney, we have prepared the following proposal to create custom video content highlighting specific neighborhoods in the Missoula, Montana area. 

Any of the shot recommendations can be altered based on the need of the customer once we have more time to review the project in detail.  These ideas are based on my experience looking at potential neighborhoods to move to. 

Project Description

Each video would be designed to highlight general iconic aspects of Missoula as well as specific details of each neighborhood.  This will give the viewer an broader highlight view of the city with specific appealing details of each neighborhood.

The video will include a voiceover describing the neighborhood as we use video clips, drone footage and timelapse to visually tell the story. Interview footage of an agent may also be included with the voiceover as requested. 

Once the edit is completed, subtitles can be added as requested. 

Each Video would be approximately 60-90 Seconds in length. 

Iconic Missoula Shot Ideas

1. Sunset/Sunrise Timelapse of Mount Sentinel. 
An iconic place in the community that is clearly "Missoula".

2. Sunset Timelapse of Missoula from Mount Sentinel "M"
An icon spot that features a beautiful view of the city.

3. Lifestyle/ Activity Shots on the River
Possible Kayaking or Paddleboarding Clips to highlight the recreational opportunities.

Specific Neighborhood Shot Ideas

1. Drone Footage of the Neighborhood
1-2 Different Views of the neighborhood from the air. 

2. Area Schools
Quick driving footage by the schools (Would be filmed on a Saturday or Sunday when no students are around.)

3. Neighborhood Shopping
Highlight 1-2 stores with shots outside and in. 

4. Neighborhood Restaurants
Highlight 1-2 local favorites with clips eating inside the restaurant. Below is a video we completed for a local restaurant in CDA. 



We look forward to discussing this project in more detail with the clients to review our ideas and your specific ideas and needs for the project. After that communication and once we have a clear picture how much filming and how many video edits will be requested we will be able to offer more details on pricing for the project. 

We look forward to working with you soon. 

Alex James

BrandCraft Director